Since I’ve started the website (blog), it’s become abundantly clear to me that I need to up my social media game. So today, I jumped into I’ve heard about Reddit; seen links and sharing buttons on websites (in fact, I just added the Reddit sharing button to my posts); and stumbled across the occasional provocative Reddit-related headline.

Obviously, I joined the /r/ukulele subreddit and started checking out the posts. For those of you not familiar with Reddit, as I was (and mostly still am), it’s basically a modified forum. Someone posts a question; a comment; an idea; or a sad, profanity-ridden rant (explicit content) and other users contribute their two-cents, like it or not. It’s a community… AKA social media. What is unique about Reddit is the voting system that users (referred to as Redditors) utilize to bump interesting topics to the top of the list, thus putting them front and center to more readers.

I’m sure most of you are saying “Yea, we know what Reddit is. You’re the caveman who’s finally catching up with the times.” Okay, I’ll quit with the Reddit 101 and get back to /r/ukulele.

Some of the more interesting things I discovered on the ukulele subreddit included this story about a busking experience (I also recommend the follow-up story); a Beatles finger-style arrangement; and a ukulele cover of Muse’s Knights of Cydonia. Another interesting thing about /r/ukulele: it has at least one more member after today, and there’s room for more.

If you’ve never checked out Reddit, don’t be afraid, jump right in. It is what we make it. And, obviously, be sure to subscribe to /r/ukulele.

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