Chrome Music Lab

I had every intention of finally getting started on another great new post this evening, but I got distracted. When I opened my browser, I couldn’t help but notice the text at the bottom of the page telling me, demanding me, to explore how music works. So I did.

Chrome Music Lab Screen ShotHave you seen this? If you haven’t tried this out, I have to recommend that you dive right in and lose yourself in creativity for just a little bit. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, meaning: geeky (in the best sense of the word, of course), then you might want to check into the tech that makes all this possible. The source code, or a starter code, for each of the “experiments” can be found by clicking the little question mark at the top right of each experiment.


So go check it out, have fun with it, and then make an app of your own. Sounds easy right?