Since I’ve started the website (blog), it’s become abundantly clear to me that I need to up my social media game. So today, I jumped into I’ve heard about Reddit; seen links and sharing buttons on websites (in fact, I just added the Reddit sharing button to my posts); and stumbled across the occasional provocative Reddit-related headline. Continue reading “Reddit”

Ukulele Russ

I wanted to keep it local tonight and talk about the Anchorage Folk Festival, which is a totally cool… (yea, let’s make that pun intended) folk music festival that happens in Anchorage for about ten days each year.

But no, that will just have to wait, because tonight I want to talk about Ukulele Russ. I will keep it local, though. Continue reading “Ukulele Russ”

Super Mario Brothers

The nostalgia makes it even more fun to play!

If you played Nintendo as a kid, then you can’t help but like these tunes on the uke. And the ukulele serves as the perfect medium for these 30-year-old digital  compositions. Continue reading “Super Mario Brothers”

James Hill

Now that I’m “officially” getting this website off the ground, I feel like I have an obligation to get back in to the uke scene and get to know the old, and new, online resources. I jumped back on the Ukulele Underground Forums and caught a James Hill video.

After watching this, I headed straight to his website and checked out more. I recommend you do the same. Continue reading “James Hill”

THE uke video

This is not only the most popular uke video (that I’m aware of), but also one of YouTube’s most popular videos. It’s a YouTube classic. Jake is one of the uke’s greatest ambassadors.

He’s on tour now:

And he’ll be here in Anchorage (that also happens to be where I am) on February 6, 2016.