Inspiration struck tonight while I was putting the boy to bed: Uke Achievements. If you’ve played a video game in the last ten years, then you’re familiar with the concept. It’s basically a goal within a goal… I know, it’s very meta (think Inception). Continue reading “Achievements”

Chrome Music Lab

I had every intention of finally getting started on another great new post this evening, but I got distracted. When I opened my browser, I couldn’t help but notice the text at the bottom of the page telling me, demanding me, to explore how music works. So I did.

Chrome Music Lab Screen ShotHave you seen this? If you haven’t Continue reading “Chrome Music Lab”

30 Days… Give or Take

An addict or an alcoholic would be feeling pretty proud having achieved 30 days sobriety, and I must admit that I’m proud to have achieved 30 days as well. To commemorate the occasion, I’m giving myself the UkeMarket 30-day chip.

Totally earned it!

You may recognize the chip as a felt bolopick, a ukulele accessory that I’ve been acquainting myself with as of late. I will pass judgement on this fuzzy plectrum in a future post, but at the moment we’re still in that awkward early stage where we’re just getting to know each other. I’m still Continue reading “30 Days… Give or Take”


It’s a proven fact that in order to reach the masses, you have to work the social media game. Tonight we got a facepage. It’s basically nothing at this point, but I’m hoping that before too long it’ll have as many likes as we have Twitter followers (that’s 17 as of this post). Okay, so we’re not exactly blowing up the charts, but it’s a slow burn. We’re the tortoise. UkeMarket wasn’t built in a day.

Keeping the Passion Alive

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to playing the ukulele, is actually playing the ukulele. One common theme in the forums and on Reddit is how to be better faster, how to get the most out of practice sessions, or what to learn next now that you’ve “mastered” C, G, Am and F. I’ve had these same thoughts, and I absolutely believe that you can devise a routine that provides maximum benefits to make you the best player in the shortest amount of time. But, c’mon…

We play the ukulele because it’s fun. Because we love singing along with our favorite songs, or because we took a vacation to Hawaii and found this little piece of magic that we wanted to keep a little piece of for ourselves. Continue reading “Keeping the Passion Alive”

First Official

This is also my About page, but I think it’s appropriate to make it my first “official” blog post. Here’s to hoping I can make this site something worthwhile. I’m sure it will be a constant work in progress (or it’ll die, like so many others, with high hopes and aspirations never realized).

I’m starting this page primarily as a hobby, but I also have a soft spot for the little 4-stringed instrument known as the ukulele (I’d call myself a ukulele enthusiast). The ukulele reignited a passion for music in me that I first attempted to kindle with the guitar and the banjo, and it has helped to sustain that passion for years (although now I’m playing the guitar and banjo more than the uke, but I’ll hold that for another post).

In 2010, during a vacation to Maui, I purchased a souvenir (toy) uke for practically nothing at an ABC shop. I loved playing that little thing. A couple months later, I got my first soprano, then I got a concert as a gift, and a a short time after that, I ordered a tenor.

The uke helped me to become a better musician, helped me learn some theory, and made me realize that a joy for music transcends genres and instruments. So, while I don’t play the uke as much as I’d like to anymore, it holds a special place in my heart.

The uke is HOT right now, and has been for a few years. A Google Trend search of “Ukulele” and “Uke” will give you a good idea of the ukulele’s rise in popularity:

But, I believe mainstream ukulele popularity is like the stock market and will inevitably trend downward once again (side note: There seem to be a lot of spikes in December, the uke must be a popular Christmas gift). Until then, I want to do my part to give the uke a seat at the table. It deserves it.