Inspiration struck tonight while I was putting the boy to bed: Uke Achievements. If you’ve played a video game in the last ten years, then you’re familiar with the concept. It’s basically a goal within a goal… I know, it’s very meta (think Inception).

Achievements are like scout merit badges for things other than animal science and programming. Yea, I know. I had the same thoughts. These are categories for merit badges? I was originally going to say tying knots and building birdhouses, but upon further research, realized that merit badges are no joking matter. Until I saw that there’s a skating merit badge, and thought “what a joke”. Or not… did you look at the requirements for getting your skating merit badge? I’m starting to remember why I never progressed past bear scouts. Actually, after a little fact-checking, even though I remember being in cub scouts, I’m pretty sure I should have never earned a single badge.

Honestly, after researching merit badges, I’m inclined to keep writing about my inadequacies as both a child and an adult. But I should move on to the intended topic: Uke Achievements. Actually, I’d like to call these challenges (you can call them merit badges if you want to).

I would like to start putting periodical challenges onto the site. A place where you, the uke player with dwindling motivation, can visit and I’ll tell you what to do. No need to come up with ideas on your own. I’ll do the thinking for you!

So, first challenge: Find all C notes up to the twelfth fret (including open strings and notes on 12th fret) and memorize their positions. That’s it. Find them, memorize them, and NEVER FORGET THEM.

Stay tuned for more challenges. We’ll start simple, but we might just elevate to merit badge status.


It’s been nearly one whole year, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.