I’m starting this site primarily as a hobby, but I also have a passion for the little 4-stringed instrument known as the ukulele (I’d call myself a ukulele enthusiast). The ukulele reignited a passion for music in me and has helped to sustain that passion for years. In 2010, during a vacation to Maui, I purchased a souvenir (toy) uke for practically nothing at an ABC shop. I loved playing that little thing. A couple months later, I got my first soprano, then I got a concert as a gift, and a a short time after that, I ordered a tenor.

The uke helped me to become a better musician, helped me learn some theory, and made me realize that a joy for music transcends genres and instruments. So, while I don’t play the uke as much as I’d like to anymore, it holds a special place in my heart.

The uke is HOT right now, and has been for a few years. A Google Trend search of “Ukulele” and “Uke” will give you a good idea of the ukulele’s rise in popularity:

But, I believe mainstream ukulele popularity is like the stock market and will inevitably trend downward once again (side note: There seem to be a lot of spikes in December, the uke must be a popular Christmas gift). Until then, I want to do my part to give the uke a well-deserved seat at the table.

Got ideas for what YOU want to see on this site? Send them to me.